Looks like love for your Netflix and Disney Plus is never going to be less. That’s why we are here again to share easiest method to create Netflix and Disney Plus account for free.

Mostly We Share Working Bins to Create Trial Accounts. You can search our website for Netflix Bin and Disney Plus Bin.

That’s why in this post instead of sharing BIN, we will be sharing working methods to create Netflix and Disney Plus.

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Method #1

NOTE : Don’t use temporary email to register canal plus.


  1. A Strong VPN ( NordVPN, HMA, VyprVPN, Hotspot Premium, ExpressVPN)
  2. Fresh Browser ( Avoid Icognito mode )
  3. Use Gmail Account.

Step #1 – Create a Canal Plus Account

  1. Open your VPN, and connect to France Server.
  2. Visit https://blog.receivefreesms.co.uk/canalplus-netflix-disneyplus and Click “Choose this offer” button.
  3. Now a new page will open, in equipment selection tab choose “I use my equiment” and click “Choose TV Box Operator“.
  4. Now select “SFR” Operator button, now it will ask for Hardware number.
  5. Now open CCGEN and in BIN enter 0817457 and Generate Card.
  6. Copy one card number and Paste in the Hardware Number BOX and remove the last 3 digit of the card and Click “Continue” Button.
  7. Now Visit Fake-IT and choose France to generate Fake Name and Address.
  8. Copy the Name, Address, Phone number.
  9. Now in email section use your gmail account.
  10. After registration, It will show the Payment Page.
  11. Click “Pay my subscription by IBAN“, Now copy the IBAN from Fake-IT and click “Confirm” Button.
  12. Woila, Your got your Canal Plus account, Next step is activating Netflix and Disney Plus.

Step #2 – Creating Netflix Trial Account.

  1. On the same page you will see “Create my accounts” button.
  2. Now activate both Netflix and Disney Plus account on by one.
  3. On opening the link you will redirected to Netflix and Disney Plus Website respectively.
  4. Register there with any email ( Temp Email even works )
  5. Boom !! You got Netflix and Disney Plus for Free.

Well above we shared the working methods, We will be updating this post once we find more working and reliable method. Don’t forget to bookmark this post and check regularly for updated.