Ever tried to set up a Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads or any other Advertising Ad account and failed miserably due to card issues?

Looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to manage your advertising expenses? Look no further than PST.NET!

PST.NET offers virtual payment cards (VCC) in both USD and EUR allowing businesses and individuals to manage their advertising expenses easily.

They offer Premium Visa Platinum Credit cards with 3D-Secure. Their High Quality Bin are regularly monitored by their system. PST.NET provide unsurpassed level of protection against payment problems on all advertising platforms.

They have developed their own monitoring system that automatically evaluates BINs in terms of risk payment bans and payment success rate in order to offer their customers unique payment tools with maximum efficiency.

What’s more, these virtual payment cards can be instantly deposited with cryptocurrencies, making it a convenient and flexible option for businesses that prefer to work with crypto.

The platform also accepts other deposit options, including debit/credit cards and wire transfers.


Features :

PST.NET offers several useful features that will make it the best payment solution for your advertising needs.

These includes but not limited to –

  1. Easy 1-minute registration (you can sign in with a google, telegram account or simply email.)
  2. Provides Support for both $ and
  3. Low fees and rates
  4. No-KYC Required for the first card
  5. 3D secure Support
  6. Instant top-up with a crypto (USDT, BTC and more), and other deposit options, including debit/credit cards and wire transfers.
  7. Withdrawal from card to account at 0% fee
  8. Withdrawal of funds from the account is available (from $500)
  9. Work as a team : Add members to your team, set spending limits, and control their spending
  10. Support service works 7 days a week
  11. Telegram bot for notifications and an advanced two-factor authorization
  12. Affiliate program – the owner of the referral link will receive part of the service commissions that the referral will pay.


For Large Media Buying Team :

If you are large media buying team, you can try PST.NET Private service which includes following features:-

  1. First 100 cards free for testing.
  2. $1 for additional card issue
  3. 2% fees for card top-up


Best for Solo Advertisers :

You may be caught in the thought 🤔, that their services may be expensive for solo advertiser but that’s not the case here. Their Fees Structure is equally balanced for both solo as well as team advertiser.

They provide you with more than 25 BINs with high credibility ensuring your payment goes through everytime.


Conclusion : 

PST.NET provides a reliable and secure solution for managing advertising expenses and online shopping. Their user-friendly interface, customisable budgets, and low deposit fee make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. By offering a range of payment options and top-notch security features, pst.net sets itself apart from other virtual payment card providers.

Do give them a try and we can assure that you will not regret this decision.

Join Now : https://pst.net

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