Hey Netflix lovers, We are back with another method to get Netflix for Free. In this post we will share method to get Netflix free for 6 Months

Mostly We Share Working Bins to Create Trial Accounts. You can search our website for Netflix Bin.

That’s why in this post instead of sharing BIN, we will be sharing working methods to create Netflix.

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Method #1

NOTE : This Method is kind of HIT & TRIAL. Can’t Provide you 100% Guarantee of its working.


  1. A Strong VPN ( NordVPN, HMA, VyprVPN, Hotspot Premium, ExpressVPN)
  2. Fresh Browser ( Avoid Icognito mode )
  3. Android Device
  4. Most Important : Need a Netflix Account which is on Hold or Working with any Credit Card already attached.

Step #1 – Checking IMEI to get Netflix 6 Month Coupon.

  1. Open your VPN, and connect to Thailand Server or Malaysia Server depending on offer page.
  2. Visit Below URL depending upon server you choose.
    1. https://event.mi.com/th/campaign2020/serie-mi-10-t
    2. https://event.mi.com/my/campaign2020/serie-mi-10-t
  3. Now Install this App on your Android Device. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.edgedevstudio.imei_toolbox
  4. After Installing, Open the IMEI Generator and Use Below Pattern to generate IMEI.
    1. 866228053630
    2. 8662805363
  5. Now copy generated IMEI and Check it on https://imei24.com/
  6. If IMEI is valid then Paste it in redemption page.
  7. Do this until you get a POPUP saying “Thank you for bundling your services with Xaiomi!
  8. Once you get above message click on the link saying “Click here to redeem“.
  9. Now you will be redirected to Netflix.

Step #2 – Redeeming 6 Month Subscription Successfully.

  1. Once you are redirected to Netflix, Login with the Netflix Account which is working or on Hold with Credit Card Attached.
  2. Now it will ask “Apply Credit to this Account“.
  3. Confirm and 6 Month Credits will be added to your account.
  4. Boom !! You got Netflix free for 6 months.