SMS spamming is quite a matter of concern now days. Many Website and Apps requires you to verify new accounts with your phone number. As a user perspective you simply signup with your phone number without thinking of a bit the concern related to sharing mobile numbers. As this is very sensitive information.

One should always try to use alternative way to signup either by using your Temporary Email or Temporary Virtual Phone Numbers.

That’s why in this post i will be sharing websites that you can use to get free virtual phone numbers.

Now you might be thinking what a virtual number is ?

Well, it is quite easy to answer. Virtual Number is basically a phone number which is operated on cloud rather than a physical device. There are virtual numbers of several countries available online like USA, UK, Canda, India, France,Spain,Malaysia and even more.

Below we are providing you will be latest working websites that provides virtual number.


ReceiveFreeSMS is active for more than a year. This website actively update their numbers. You can choose from various countries like USA , UK, Canada , India and many more. Messages are received instantly. But sometimes due to high server load messages are delayed upto 1 minute.

2. InboxSMS

InboxSMS is quite new in this genre but trying to make its pace. This website is also regularly updated and Messages are received instantly without any delays. Provides number for several countries like USA, UK , Canada and more.

3. Receive SMSS is a free service for receiving sms messages and voice mails online. There is no need to register. Just select your phone number from the list below. You can use it to receive messages from facebook, telegram, wechat, vk, paypal, alipay and more